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Red Fuji apple


    Red Fuji apple fruit nearly round. Fruit yellowish green ground color, most of the fruit surface with orange red, covered with bright red stripes, flesh is yellowish white, meat thin crisp, sweet and sour taste fragrant, quality first-class.
    Nutritional value: Red Fuji apple fruit containing soluble substances 17.2%, 0.25% of titratable acid, sugar acid ratio 47:56, hectogram pulp containing mg VC4.41, but also contain nutrients the body needs carotene, fat, protein, Ca, Fe and so on. Color, smell, taste is superb.
    Health effects: apple is a cardiovascular protection of God, heart disease patients with healthy fruit, because it does not contain saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. Apple's gum can keep blood sugar stable, so apple is not only a healthy snack for diabetes, but also is essential for all people who want to control their blood sugar levels. And it can effectively lower cholesterol. Apple juice has a strong role in killing the virus. Eat more apples than people who do not eat or eat apples have a low chance of catching a cold. Air pollution is more serious now, eat apples can improve the respiratory system and lung function, protect the lungs from pollution and soot. Apple can prevent cancer, prevention of lead poisoning. Medicine thinks, apple sweet cool thirst, lungs in irritability, spleen and stomach, moistening intestine, diarrhea, hangover and other effects. Apple has a natural fragrance, with a clear sense of the elimination of depression.
    Suitable for the crowd: very suitable for infants, the elderly and the patient to eat. Now, the pace of life in the city is very tight, occupational population pressure is very high, many people have varying degrees of tension, depression, then picked up an apple to smell, the negative emotions will be eased, and refreshing. Mother every day to eat an apple can reduce the pregnancy reaction.
Applicable amount: every day to eat 1-2 to achieve the effect of the above. The number of men to eat apples should be more than women, because Apple has a cholesterol lowering effect.


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