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Gala Apple


      Gala apple fruit is medium, weight about 180 to 200 grams, short conic, golden fruit. Sunny mask shallow red blush, intermittent striped, fruit straight appearance. Fruit top has five edges, fruit stem slender, thin. Light yellow flesh, dense meat, crisp, juicy, sweet sour, taste great. Superior quality, more resistant to storage. In the Gala Apple ripe, flush, quality, storage and other characteristics, more and more consumers like it.
The characteristics of Gala apple:


      1. Gala apple contains a magic "ga la Apple phenol", extremely easy to dissolve in water, easy to be absorbed by the human body. With seven kinds of effects: A is the role of antioxidant can keep food fresh; the second is to eliminate peculiar smell, can be to Anabaena, bad breath; the third is to prevent tooth decay; the fourth is to inhibit the production of melanin and enzymes, can inhibit the activity of oxygen, can prevent various diseases caused by reactive oxygen species living habits, can inhibit the rise of blood pressure, prevention of hypertension, can inhibit the allergic reactions, some anti-allergy effect.
      2. Ga la apple contains pectin, which is a water-soluble dietary fiber, can reduce the number of bacteria in the intestine, to help the bacteria breed.

      3. Ga la apple contains rich vitamin C. Vitamin C is a healthy element for the cardiovascular protection of God and heart disease. And vitamin C can effectively inhibit melanin in the skin and the formation and help eliminate skin pigmentation, increase hemoglobin and delay the aging of skin, has the effect of beauty.

      4. Ga la, apple, potassium ion, pectin, cream and other substances. Modern people in the normal diet intake of protein, these proteins break down into amino acids, which cause most people's body fluids are acidic". Acidic body fluids will continue to accumulate in the body, easy to make people feel tired and weak. Gala apples contain more sugar, potassium ion, pectin; tartaric acid and so on, can neutralize the acidic body fluids, radical, and reduce the acidity of body fluids, to alleviate fatigue.

      5. The apple contains flavonoids. It is an effective material to reduce the incidence of cancer in the apple.


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