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Golden Fuji apple


Golden Fuji apple is unique and rare species, high demand in planting, low yield, good taste, good nutrition.
Golden Fujitsu is a weak alkaline fruit; it needs to grow in alkaline soil, and weak alkaline water to irrigate, also need to select a golden tree ages 8-15 years to grow, and the use of artificial pesticides and other organic farming methods to grow the best fruit.
      Golden Fuji Apple has a long growing period, after the frost before picking, later than ordinary apple late 40 days, naturally matured, more adequate sugar accumulation, sugar and cream after returned, sugar degree up 16 degrees. Golden Fuji planting not Debagging, making the skin without pesticides and not waxing, so you can take skin to eat, have higher nutritional value.
More demanding planting and cultivation characteristics, making golden Fuji and ordinary apple compared with skin thin flesh is fine, crisp, sweet and delicious, juicy, fragrant aroma characteristics, widely praised by the cargo. Therefore, this kind of apple had been exported to Europe and the United States.
      Apple fruit diameter in the 85MM above, the maximum of up to 95MM, a single fruit weight of 300 grams or more.

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