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Crisp Pear


Due to the crisp pear’s smooth surface, a large full, crisp and juicy, rich nutrition and pollution-free characteristics and varieties of foreign sales, favored by domestic and foreign consumers.
The characteristics of crisp pear:
1. The crisp pear is rich in vitamin B, can protect the heart, relieve fatigue, and enhance myocardial viability, lower blood pressure.

2. The crisp pear contains glycosides and tannic acid and other ingredients, can cough expectorant, curing effect on the throat.

3 The crisp pear has more carbohydrates and vitamins, easily absorbed by the body, increase appetite, have a protective effect on the liver.
4. The Crisp pear to heat and cool and calm, often feeding can return to normal blood pressure, improve symptoms such as be dizzy.
5. The fresh crisp pears can prevent atherosclerosis; inhibit the formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines, which anti-cancer.
6. The pectin content in crisp pear is very high, can help digestion, conducive to defecation


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